i n s p i r a t i o n

for Gerard de Nerval

white fingers at the latch of cripplegate
rub bone against the gallows' catch
a clockface staring from the stocks

as never's ropehand rings the church bell
where we follow with a blinded tongue
the brailleblack bible of the stone

& how the rope twists counterwise thirteen
& how the windpipe pipes the sweetest tune
& how the merry barrel-organ wheezes on in time

till utterly & utterly
the song syringe lies broken
in the cold black gutter of the vein.

till hard in death's impassive face
the hung man's end ejaculates
one spray of glitter, dust & ground-up pills

while all the time a last oration for the living
rings like starlight thru the upper window
& vibrates the christmas lamps, like bells

video screen showing only noise
gordon kennedy : a drunk man looks at the thistle hotel gordon kennedy : the conjure box gordon kennedy : my lips laid cold gordon kennedy : the face of things
gordon kennedy : myself gordon kennedy : inspiration gordon kennedy : northman gordon kennedy : hillside stream