s p i d e r..d e a t h..r e a d y m a d e

The following piece is an assemblage of various statements
produced by the website at www.die.net. A number of commercial
concerns use Spiders - searcher robots which crawl around the
Internet - to collect email addresses for the purpose of sending out
unsolicited advertising. The site at www.die.net was a trap for these
creatures, a library of innumerable texts, an interminable structure
designed specifically to confuse and overload anything attempting
to crawl recursively through it. Thus the goal, as well as the means,
is poetic. The algorithm used by DIE to generate its seemingly infinite
labyrinth of nested pages remains a mystery.

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gordon kennedy : water dust gordon kennedy : the guild of surgical alchemists gordon kennedy : for holderlin gordon kennedy : fragment morning
gordon kennedy : venice gordon kennedy : aminal gordon kennedy : harry crosby is dead gordon kennedy : spider death readymade