h a r r y..c r o s b y..i s..d e a d

blazing darkly eyes heliumactive
splayd beneath the black sun flag
crackd vacuumseal & glass & light
imploding thru the room behind yr stare

who are the figures with

then look our hands alchemic involutes baptise
each palm xxwhere stillness mirrors detonation - "X" -
identity : the labyrinth encoded in the fingertip
diffraction field where spoke & unspoke touch

who are the figures with the partial heads

as fragments glass out arcwise thru an air
which blind geometry extending unimperfect
fissures multiplex irradial across the
where in graphd dimension axis xxsplits

who are the figures with the partial heads
that lie together

still & always still in progress of its motion
flashing spiralout forever as to trace
how evolute inabstract flames that cordite of yr element
which dark a spinal cross the charted madly sky

who are the figures with the partial heads
that lie together are they lovers

final symbol shatters to completion
image crackd beneath the weight of life
& not a lightsource blowing now a gunshot
& again & red where current punctuates the delicately



glass settles soft as ash & time xxis constitute again

the mad queen walks away

...........................................in separate directions

video screen showing only noise
gordon kennedy : water dust gordon kennedy : the guild of surgical alchemists gordon kennedy : for holderlin gordon kennedy : fragment morning
gordon kennedy : venice gordon kennedy : aminal gordon kennedy : harry crosby is dead gordon kennedy : spider death readymade