lightning in the air
eel-silver, darting lick
the clear bright margin of

& wake to motionless
hands playing on the white
worked edge of dream

all frame of reference
thru merging angles
dawn light slant lacecurtained

somewhere how alarm
dispense my reaching so to
put the button out

abandon edges
river back one-all in flow
such calm delirium

no told you i am not
the guilty you are look for
oh just walking here

was on the news but
slaughter one men difference
dental records proved

our sherpa asking
to be paid in miles instead
of silver, empire

sightless landscape folds
ah sky & back again it
foyer opens brook

the animals as leap
the silvered hoop of meaning
manes a cold flame streaming

clean thru aspect into
headlong this illusion

phonebell breakfast day

video screen showing only noise
gordon kennedy : water dust gordon kennedy : the guild of surgical alchemists gordon kennedy : for holderlin gordon kennedy : fragment morning
gordon kennedy : venice gordon kennedy : aminal gordon kennedy : harry crosby is dead gordon kennedy : spider death readymade