f o r..H ö l d e r l i n

is there a measure
in heaven or on earth
is there a measure

where life is drained from these spread hands like blood
the west into the past the east into the future
meaning drained off thru the cracks
between the words: the cracks
within the bone of words

i walk with you
around the hills' foundations
thru the creaking of a weathervane
between a sound of church
& circus bells

our first far symmetry
a green field out past history
one townless wandering thru sign
posts, faces, numberless bright letters
in the catalogue of silence xhere is treasure

is there a measure
ah there is
no measure

video screen showing only noise
gordon kennedy : water dust gordon kennedy : the guild of surgical alchemists gordon kennedy : for holderlin gordon kennedy : fragment morning
gordon kennedy : venice gordon kennedy : aminal gordon kennedy : harry crosby is dead gordon kennedy : spider death readymade